Practicing Life in One-Degree Shifts

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Why BeingTribal?

BeingTribal will help you create your tribe to share wisdom and move your life forward in ways you never expected. We are all meant for great things in this life. You will lift each other to your higher purpose through love, respect, trust and friendship.

The ultimate goal is to create a culture of empowerment and advancement without competition. To gain wisdom within your tribe and pay it forward to our family, community and world. Join us in this movement of Being Tribal.

About the Book

Amazing book! Heartfelt, wonderful step be step guides on building my tribe and changing my life! A definite repurchase for gifts to my friends!”

– Amazon Review

Groups of supportive women have played a critical role in the author, Rena Whittaker’s healing journey, their stories becoming her catalyst for healing. By sharing her story, Rena imparts the lessons she learned from her tribes. In BeingTribal, Rena encourages us to create our own tribes of support, tackling lifestyle changes in “one-degree shifts.” It’s not an instantaneous overhaul, but rather a series of small steps, formed into habits that lead to lasting solutions. Workbook pages help you visualize your new way of being.

In a sweeping range of topics from money to health to relationships, Rena Whittaker guides readers into practicing lives full of peace, compassion, abundance, and grace; all in simple one-degree shifts.

Rena Whittaker

Author Speaker Expert

Rena Whittaker is the author of BeingTribal: Practicing Life in One Degree Shifts. She has coached individuals and corporate leaders to cultivate purposeful tribes for nearly a decade. Rena’s commitment to coaching and mentoring throughout her career has helped transform herself and others through her passionate belief that “anything is truly possible.” 

When you get to know Rena, you quickly realize that you are at the heart of her mission. You haven’t even met her yet, and she is already in your corner. She will tell you that “We are all in this together” and “I got you, babe.”

“Rena is an Author, Speaker, and Expert in Building Purposeful Tribes.

She is a powerhouse of wisdom and kindness, and that is how you would describe Rena at first glance, and when you begin working with her, you realize she is so much more. She helps you become your own biggest advocate and believe in yourself again.” Abigail C. – Client 

Rena works with women worldwide to do something they have rarely done before – put themselves first. Her passion is to guide women into a self-full mindset, to design a path of greatness toward achieving their personal and professional goals. Her methodology is to help women create purposeful tribes in a culture of empowerment and advancement without competition.   

Rena also serves as an executive coach, guiding leaders and their teams through fear and uncertainty. She essentially helps teams transform into Tribes as they develop a deep sense of trust and respect together while discarding guilt, shame, and resentment, which often paralyze teams into stagnation. Together, the tribes move forward with positive visioning, team agreements, and authentic belonging, all in empowering themselves as individuals and the tribe together. 

Rena and her husband Bryan reside in Oregon and have six grown children and nine grandchildren. She loves to cook for her family and friends, paint, bake elaborate cakes, and enjoy the outdoors.

In 2018 Rena Founded BeingTribal, a subsidiary of her parent company Polallie, LLC.

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