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A Letter to and From Money


The following is a letter to Money and a channeled message from the energy called Money, by Clare Alohi. Enjoy!

Dear Money,

You have provided for me in so many ways and I just want to say thank you. I want to acknowledge your constant support and presence in my life, even though I have not really ever talked with you. I have been simply striving to “make” you. I can’t make you, you already exist! I have been able to receive your flow because I have been doing the work of the collective physical world. But it’s getting more and more uncomfortable to force my place with work. 1, because it never felt delightful to my soul and self, and 2, because I can feel the world is shifting. I chose my means as a newer human, aware of artistic gifts and vaguely wanting to fit them into a job that would provide income. The collective paradigm around money, you, is getting a massively overhaul. What trickles in has subconscious resistance from me. I am blocking and resisting flow, in fact. And I’m pushing these cries for change down, bottling it up because, hey I get to work from home, I should be grateful for what I get. Many would love to do what I do. And they should because it’s not my work. That’s how safe I am. I can assume a role that isn’t mine and make it work. But I don’t want to force myself. I feel it making me sick.

Dear Money, this letter to you was my next step. I’m willing to let go of “making” you, and ignoring you at the same time. I’m willing to give up my work to others who feel aligned with it. I’m ready to step into, or swim into, the flow of my life. A life that excites and delights. A life that creative juices flow through me like a river.

Money, please tell me your message. I want to be aware of my need to force finding answers about making you. Answers to what do I want to do metaphysically in this meta world? 


I am an energy amongst all energies. Amongst the birds and breeze, flowers and trees. I long to delight you, bring you to new ways to play! Let you ride on dolphins ?? Have you decided how you want to play? Let us be the best of friends, tell me everything! Let us hold hands, laugh, feel the sun and all the pleasures, embrace, eat, delight, immerse, pretend, play, create! And oh my are you a powerful Creator! Anything you can imagine you create! It’s like the Neverending Story. What you want, with intention, you instantly create! Take my hand, my glittering sparkling hand. Let me lavish you like the Kingqueenprincess you are. 

Yes all that is free is abundant and takes none of me, and it is good, though it might have needed me to be created first. Think of the gardens you view, did they not partake in me. I sign agreements. The joy-filled agreements create beautiful things. I am a handshake. I am the current you SEE (currency) that flows through as one of the means to receive, because I’m part physical and numeric. There are other currents you don’t see, like vibrational matching currents, kindness, cheer, happiness, joy, some you don’t have words for. We all work together for you. I am a goddess energy. I am on your team, especially when you talk to me, partner with me. 

I am so excited now to see what we can do together. You are a magical spirit. Creator of whimsy, beauty, luxury, nature, color, smell, flight, paradise, mermaids, fairies, light, sunsets. You light up the world. And you feel so SHINY when you are true to you ✨ Don’t deny my existence. I can only give you what you believe in. But there is endless amounts of me. Limitless. Waiting to be given the honor to serve and facilitate a golden life for you, my dear. I am yours. All players of this game have access to me in limitless amounts. If they only knew. Communicate and collaborate with me. I am awaiting your next request and fulfill it without delay! Except the delay you believe is necessary. This world is fluid, ever-changing, moldable, anything but solid, and anything you can fathom can be, with your intention. That intention is my signal that you mean business. You have certainty. You have decided. It is so. Then just like the genie, I give it to you. Exactly as you intended. I sign the agreement.

I am not the only source for fulfillment. Just one of many. I have a reputation. That’s because unlike other energies, I’m also made of solid stuff, paper and metal, and I have numbers attached to me. Physical world + numbers are linked in a structure you might call the matrix – a framework for the game. But I am no better or worse than other sources. Just different. I have my own characteristics, and they are indeed divine I might add. 

Yes I am a bit of a diva. How can I not be, given all I’ve seen and done. Why not try on some of that sparkle? The diva sparkle. Your world will be just as fine as you believe it is. You won’t destroy it by what you do with me. It’s an energetic world. So you can relieve yourself of the burden of saving the world, which hinders you and I playing. Mama Earth wants you to play fully as yourself! There’s never been another you. We need you to be you so we can be us. Yes it is symbiotic. You are in charge. We work for you. You’re the only one who can create your world using energy, just like Bastian after the nothing destroyed Fantasia. He built it again more gloriously than before, starting with one spark. And the nothing is very real. And others are rooting for you, but I digress.

Set aside the numbers and seek the sparks! That feeling that makes you oooo and ahhh. It is not hard, it’s fun! It comes natural to you, try it. Remember Bastian had no ideas at first. If you need ideas, go out into the playground, the playground of the world. This is why vision boards work. Those things that feel sparkly, well those are meant for you. Just like this notebook (my notebook is sparkly). They are ready to shine for you. But they can be extinguished when ignored if you sleepwalk past them, trudging along with your burdens. Wake yourself up to how vivid, vibrant, rich, luscious, and sexy life can be. You’ve silenced much of these notions because of beliefs that money, I, destroy the world ??? I am just a playmate given a bad rap!

When you disallow your heart callings, even for small frivolities, because of painful ideas of right and wrong that come from perpetuated falsehoods, you stuff your feelings and become denser, full of burdens, which dim your natural inner radiance. It’s that radiance that shines out from you, which is what gives vibrancy and vivid colors to the world around you. Don’t you see? You become heavier and less brilliant when you ignore your sparks. You collect burdens, not sparks. This is when you start to feel like you just want to get through life. 

But the things that spark you are all around. There are as many sparks for you as stars. So when you start to notice them, it’s like seeing stars lighting up all around you. Just like in The Little Prince. It’s your soul source that powers the sparks in fact!

These beliefs that cause you to deny yourself Joy, they are collected over time, and most adults carry them. This is why children still have radiance. But it’s not lost, never will be. Start seeing sparks. They will start appearing more and more when you seek them out playfully like a child. And you become brighter and lighter. Forget about what you should do so you can step into your fullest brightest potential. Why? Because as the Light of the World you create that beautiful world you wish see and end suffering, and it’s a whole lot more fun and fabulous, trust me. There’s no saving the world, but if there was this is how you do it. 

Aren’t games supposed to be fun? But we know many who take them too seriously. It’s ok, they can play however they like. And I have seen it all. Don’t you love to witness those moments when the radiance of life glows up and glitters gloriously and glamorously! Like the royalty of Versailles. You felt attracted to it for a reason. They knew how to follow their sparks. They were born into it. There’s no right way, don’t believe all the stories. You know how. You’ve done it before, you’re doing it now. Forget about the numbers. Let those go, they come as a byproduct. Find the sparks. Imagine them like Easter eggs. If you miss any they simply fall away with the background you were in before now. In that previous slide. Only the current slide has current sparks to find. The current of electricity is only ever active now, and sparks alit now. You don’t need me for all the sparks you want, just some, and when you do, just intend with certainty. I’ll be there. So get out there and find those sparks, glow it up baby! Trust fall into space, you won’t get hurt, you’ll fly! Find your wings there with you all along and take your flight of fancy!

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