A Letter to and From Money

The following is a letter to Money and a channeled message from the energy called Money, by Clare Alohi. Enjoy! Dear Money, You have provided for me in so many ways and I just want to say thank you. I want to acknowledge your constant support and presence in my life, even though I have […]

Rena Whittaker Receives Liberty & Hope Award

On Saturday October 10th, 2020, Rena Whittaker was honored with the Liberty & Hope Award by the LMV, League of Minority Voters fights for the advancement of minority voters’ rights within the electoral process through education, empowerment, and bringing a voice to the issues that uniquely impact communities of color. They are a 501c3 not-for-profit […]

Author Cocktail Hour 10/14

Author Cocktail HourRena WhittakerBeing Tribal: Practicing Life in One Degree Shifts When: Wednesday, October 14 | 6:00pmWhere: Gold RoomPrice: FreeDress Code: Business CasualEvent Organizer: UC Library Committee Details: You’re invited! The following is the invitation to the Author Cocktail Hour with Rena Whittaker at the University Club of Portland: We’re delighted to welcome Executive Coach and UC Member Rena Whittaker to […]

Authenticity Matters Interview on XRay.fm

Rena Whittaker, author of BeingTribal, was interviewed on the XRay.fm radio show, Authenticity Matters by Jen Coyne. Please listen and let us know what you think! https://xray.fm/broadcasts/35423

Being Tribal in 10 Steps

BeingTribal is a practice of transformation of a small group of individuals all seeking purposeful change in their life. A tribe should be carefully cultivated based on the traits of each individual, including energy, core values, and personality. (Download the Values Worksheet to help you identify what is important to you in selecting your tribe.) […]

I am a Beautifully Broken Woman

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I am a Beautifully Broken Woman The word kintsukuroi came up in a conversation I was having with my dear friend Janeen recently. Kintsukuroi is the Japanese art of repaired pottery, but it is repaired with gold or silver lacquer, making the piece more valuable to have been broken. It made me think of my […]

Treading and Undressing, The Journey

Treading and Undressing, The Journey By Simone Brooks Treading Rutted and potted Staggering for a path Smooth unbroken Carrying A suitcase heavy and worn Hand raw and arm shaken Weariness Seeking A stopping ground Sacred and safe To lay down my burden Discovering In a delicate light Hearts bright Equally striped Undressing Naked and Shadowed Warm […]

About BeingTribal

BeingTribal By Rena Stefani BeingTribal will help you create your tribe to share wisdom and move your life forward in ways you never expected. We are all meant for great things in this life. You will lift each other to your higher purpose through love, respect, trust and friendship. The ultimate goal is to create […]