Treading and Undressing, The Journey

Treading and Undressing, The Journey¬†By Simone Brooks Treading Rutted and potted Staggering for a path Smooth unbroken Carrying A suitcase heavy and worn Hand raw and arm shaken Weariness Seeking A stopping ground Sacred and safe To lay down my burden Discovering In a delicate light Hearts bright Equally striped Undressing Naked and Shadowed Warm […]

About BeingTribal

BeingTribal By Rena Stefani BeingTribal will help you create your tribe to share wisdom and move your life forward in ways you never expected. We are all meant for great things in this life. You will lift each other to your higher purpose through love, respect, trust and friendship. The ultimate goal is to create […]

Everyday Courage

Everyday Courage Excerpt from BeingTribal By Rena Stefani Courage can be small yet powerful. A dear friend of mine who I mentioned earlier, was in her last year of Cancer treatment. She had been very open about her terminal diagnosis and we were talking one day about courage. I had mentioned to her earlier that […]