Create Your Tribe

Retreat for Women Leaders

January 2022 - Maui, Hawaii

Offered By

Rena Whittaker, Author of BeingTribal: Practicing Life in One-Degree Shifts

This retreat will provide you the tools you need to RISE in your BEST LIFE personally and professionally!

Unique Course Style

While this course is a 6-week format, you will receive guidance or choose to be more self-led. Whatever style is best for you to get the most out of this course, we will design your path for your unique needs. Throughout the course you will access the tools and discussion board with other classmates that will synthesize this life-changing information in a way that takes you to that next level. 

Why Create a Tribe?

The most important part of starting a tribe is putting yourself first. In this course you will learn first what it means to be “self-full.” A key to reclaiming your power. Then you will deliberately choose your tribe. When you have a group of aligned women all supporting each, this powerful core group will give you access to achieving your highest potential.

How to Get Started?

Have you felt isolated? Stuck? Like something needs to change, but you are not sure what? It’s time to make a decision. Decide you are done with where you are at. Done playing small. Decide you are ready to start your new life. If you are ready for a change that will catapult you into your highest version of yourself, schedule a call below. 

This retreat will help you create your tribe to share wisdom and move your life forward in ways you never expected. We are all meant for great things in this life. Through this retreat, you will learn how to build your tribe intentionally to empower each other to your higher purpose through love, respect, trust and friendship.

About Your Facilitator

Rena Whittaker is a speaker and the author of BeingTribal: Practicing Life in One-Degree Shifts. She has been coaching women and men to create and cultivate meaningful tribes for many years. She also serves as an executive coach, guiding leaders and teams to traverse through the work of discarding guilt, shame and resentment and moving forward with positive visioning, team agreements and authentic interpersonal communication to achieve their best vision.

Additionally, Rena has enjoyed over twenty years as a philanthropy executive and community change maker. Her expertise in “restarting” foundations and community coalition development has empowered leaders and teams to think unconventionally and collectively.

Rena’s commitment to coaching and mentoring throughout her career has helped transform herself and others through her passionate belief that “anything is truly possible.”