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This is YOUR opportunity to work with Rena Whittaker and her team to design your 2024 TRANSFORMATIONAL RETREAT:

Offered for Executive and Leadership Teams, and Board of Trustees

This Retreat is for Non Profit & Corporate Leaders

Each Retreat is customized to Elevate Your Team

Your path of greatness is calling you!

Your Path of Greatness

Retreat for Women Leaders

2024 Dates will be published Soon! Reserve Your Spot NOW!
Holding Space for January, May and September 2024!

Offered By

Rena Whittaker, Author of
BeingTribal: Practicing Life in One-Degree Shifts

Your path of greatness is calling you!

Have you been waiting for clarity in your career and personal life?

Stuck in the fog of fear and uncertainty?

This is your time to surround yourself with other inspirational women who are ready to cultivate their tribes. We are hear to build a Culture of Empowerment and 
 Advancement, without Competition.

At this 3-day retreat, you will:

  • Allow you to break through old limiting beliefs and Rise into Your Path of Greatness.

  • Build a Graceful framework to use your gifts to create Abundance in your life in every way. 

  • Create your 90-day plan to transformation in your personal and professional life! 

This is your time to Rise and Reclaim Your Path of Greatness.


Don’t miss this opportunity to Achieve Your Dreams! 


Claim your spot at this upcoming retreat! 2024 Dates to be released soon. 

About Your Facilitator

Rena Whittaker is a speaker and the author of BeingTribal: Practicing Life in One-Degree Shifts. She has been coaching women and men to create and cultivate meaningful tribes for many years. She also serves as an executive coach, keynote speaker, and development expert! Rena is proud of her Chinook Indian and Italian heritage and celebrates the opportunity for us to lean in together and celebrate our common ground.

Additionally, Rena has enjoyed over twenty years as a philanthropy executive and community change maker. Her expertise in “restarting” foundations and community coalition development has empowered leaders and teams to think unconventionally and collectively.

Rena’s commitment to coaching and mentoring throughout her career has helped transform herself and others through her passionate belief that “anything is truly possible.”