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The Tribe Has Spoken

We are living in interesting times! Never before have we had so much access to one another via the Internet, while at the same time feeling more and more isolated. Human beings are a tribal people, from the beginning.

This book, BeingTribal: Practicing Life in One-Degree Shifts, is about helping you deliberately re-establish what it means to be human, and reconnect to your innate knowing. You will learn to create your tribe to share wisdom and move your life forward in ways you never expected.

In BeingTribal, you will come to know that we are all meant for great things in this life. You will learn how to lift each other to your higher purpose through love, respect, trust, and friendship.

The ultimate goal is to create a culture of empowerment and advancement without competition. To gain wisdom within your tribe and pay it forward to our family, community and world. Because this is what the world needs now.

You will learn how together, in your tribe, your collective wisdom, love, and intentions will be transformational. It is only a matter of time. It is inevitable!

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Hi, I'm Rena. I'm so glad you made it here...

…because you are now part of our global tribe.

BeingTribal began as a set of tools I used to not only transform my life; it made a significant difference in the success of those I coached. Having a trusted group of friends or colleagues around a person made a significant difference in their success to achieve their goals.

Here at BeingTribal, we are passionate about helping you create your tribe. Each of us has significant wisdom to share. When we connect our wisdom to that of our tribe, the collective wisdom changes all of us. Together we create a culture of empowerment and advancement without competition.

Each month you focus on a new topic or stay on the same topic you are focused on and you learn from each other as well as thought leaders that we bring to you. 

BeingTribal has given me the wisdom to appreciate and live through each beautiful day. We use tools like prayerful meditation and journaling. Creating affirmations, a Vision Board, and even a personal Vision Statement. All of these tools will help you stay present in your journey rather than to compare your self to others.

Join me in BeingTribal and begin your journey today.

Blessings, Love and Light,

Praise for BeingTribal