Practicing Life in One-Degree Shifts

What Is beingTribal?

You know that feeling when you have a fierce support structure within a small group of positive people? Yeah, it's that.

BeingTribal is a practice of transformation in a small group of individuals all seeking purposeful change in their life. Think of it as a MasterMind Group for your life. The tribe is carefully cultivated based on many things: core values, life values and personality traits. How you FEEL around a person is very important to pay attention to. Do you feel like your energy tank is filled up by them or is it depleted?  

When I cultivate a tribe for myself, I begin with energy first. The core values and life values are a close second and then personality traits. Certain personality traits are nixed right out of the gate for me. Everyone starts differently, either values based, or energy or personality types based. Whatever feels comfortable for you.  Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I always want to be thoughtful about the energy of the people I choose and where they are in their transformation journey. Here is a link to the Values Worksheet...